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Ruby 1


Backup is a Ruby Gem written for Unix and Rails environments. It can be used both with and without the Ruby on Rails framework! This gem offers a quick and simple solution to backing up databases such as MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite and Files/Folders. All backups can be transferred to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox, any remote server you have access to (using either SCP, SFTP or regular FTP) or a Local server. Backup handles Compression, Archiving, Encryption (OpenSSL or GPG), Backup Cleaning (Cycling) and supports Email Notifications.

обновлено 18 Nov 2010

Ruby 0


Sad little library for read access to Access (MDB) databases

обновлено 23 May 2011

Ruby 1


Automatically generates public API documentation from your RSpec

обновлено 16 Sep 2010

Ruby 1


A simple utility to push/pull l10n resources of a Rails project to/from the translators.

обновлено 24 Aug 2010

Ruby 1


A simple Ruby Gem wrapper for the Foursquare API.

обновлено 09 Jun 2010

Ruby 1


A client that listens to Pivotal Tracker activities and notifies them with Growl and Libnotify

обновлено 30 May 2010



обновлено 29 Dec 2008