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Ruby 18


Rails 3 support! An awesome replacement for acts_as_nested_set and better_nested_set.

обновлено 03 Jul 2012

Ruby 3


Globalize with Rails 3

обновлено 20 Dec 2011

Ruby 4


Rails 3.0.0.rc support. The presenter library you already know.

обновлено 21 Oct 2011

Ruby 2


Rails 3 support! Rails plugin for transforming urls to appropriate resource (image, link, YouTube, Vimeo video,...)

обновлено 16 Aug 2011

Ruby 1


enum_fu is a rails plugin with which you can use integer fields in DB as enum typed in ActiveRecord

обновлено 21 Jul 2010

Ruby 1


Rails 3 support! Enables Active Record attributes to point to enum like objects, by saving in your database only an integer ID

обновлено 17 Jun 2014

JavaScript 0


Multiple file upload plugin with progress-bar, drag-and-drop.

обновлено 14 Aug 2011

Ruby 1


An extension to ActiveRecord to store IP Addresses in the database as integers

обновлено 12 Jan 2011

Ruby 2


The ruby on rails plugin for teethgrinder's Open Flash Chart (version 2)

обновлено 04 Nov 2010

Ruby 0


All sorts of useful information about every country packaged as pretty little country objects. It includes data from ISO 3166 (countries and states/subdivisions ), ISO 4217 (currency), and E.164 (phone numbers). As a bonus it even adds a country_select helper to rails projects.

обновлено 02 Apr 2014

Ruby 0


Chargify Direct API (v2) Client, based on faraday

обновлено 10 Jan 2014

Ruby 0


Ruby wrapper for Copyscape API

обновлено 17 Jul 2013

Ruby 0


Unofficial VKontakte strategy for OmniAuth

обновлено 27 Nov 2012

Ruby 1


JavaScript and CSS Asset Compression for Production Rails Apps

обновлено 07 Dec 2010