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Lead Developer

StylesClub GmbH stylesclub.com

(2011 May)

Архитектура приложения на Rails 3, разработка бэкенда (частично фронтенда). Хостинг: heroku + S3. За год было выпущено 4 версии продукта.

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Ruby 3


Rails 3 support! An awesome replacement for acts_as_nested_set and better_nested_set.

обновлено 08 Aug 2010

Ruby 1


Redis Counter Plugin for Rails

обновлено 16 Feb 2012

Ruby 1


A lightweight server clone of Amazon S3 that simulates most of the commands supported by S3 with minimal dependencies

обновлено 24 Apr 2012

Ruby 1


Rake and capistrano tasks to dump and restore db and assets

обновлено 28 Sep 2011

Ruby 1


A Ruby library built to handle the easy conversion and manipulation of colors with a special emphasis on W3C standards and CSS-style hex color notation.

обновлено 19 Jun 2009

Ruby 0


Easy enum for your models, objects and views

обновлено 23 Dec 2011

C 1


Library for working with console in linux and windows

обновлено 19 May 2011

Ruby 1


Packaging system for Mac OS X 10.5 and above; heavy optimisations, no redundant packages and a bonus beer theme

обновлено 08 Apr 2011

Ruby 1


An exceptional tool for creating test data sets using ActiveRecord.

обновлено 02 Sep 2010

Ruby 0


A super tight library to add contexts to tests.

обновлено 17 Mar 2010

Ruby 0


Colorize your capistrano output for better overview

обновлено 09 Mar 2010

Ruby 1


A simple, flexible daemon management library.

обновлено 04 Aug 2009

Ruby 0


Twitter notifier for the Integrity continuous integration server

обновлено 16 Apr 2009

Ruby 0


Adds type-reflecting class names to input tags in Rails

обновлено 10 Sep 2008

Ruby 0


The official gem for the Instagram API

обновлено 05 Jun 2014

Java 0


Linear Algebra for Java

обновлено 06 Jun 2013

Ruby 1


Parse and process User Agents like a secret one

обновлено 24 May 2013