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Alex Timofeev 748 views


Bangkok, Thailand, Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod

– Ruby and Rails
3 years
Completed my first project on the second branch of Rails, and since then have been desperately in love with RoR. I know the framework ecosystem and best practices inside out. I know and am skilled at using all popular (and not so popular) gems for various tasks, moreover, I have been a contributor to some of them. I have created dozens of millions applications from the ground up, some of them are used in production ). I have used MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB databases and Thin, Unicorn and Puma application servers in my projects. I have a good understanding of RSpec and TDD approach. I like git and deploy via Capistrano. – HTML / HAML / Slim / CSS / Sass / Compass
8 years
I know and can do anything. Including newsletters. I have a great experience of designing for large projects, both adaptively and semantically. I enjoy working with Rails templates and CSS preprocessors. – JavaScript / CoffeScript / Backbone.js / jQuery
8 years
– Design and Interfaces – ∞ – Unix / Linux
5 years

Setup and support of production servers and services: ssh, bind, nginx, unicorn, mysql, postgresql, mongo, git, postfix...

$50 Hourly fee

$5.500 Monthly fee

no spicy! no spicy! The creator, back-end, front-end project
RubyHire RubyHire The creator, back-end, front-end
CODE RED CODE RED The Back-end, front-end
Inviter Inviter The creator, back-end, front-end
Epihu Epihu The creator, back-end, front-end
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Ruby 1


jQuery Templates for the Rails asset pipeline.

updated 25 Jan 2012

Ruby 0


Application prototype for Ruby web apps using ROM and Roda

updated 11 Nov 2016

Ruby 0


The new, built with dry-rb, rom-rb and Roda

updated 03 Nov 2016

Ruby 0


Roda integration for dry-web apps

updated 10 Oct 2016

Ruby 0


A Ruby wrapper for the pin-payments ( API

updated 30 Aug 2016

Ruby 0


A tagging plugin for Rails applications that allows for custom tagging along dynamic contexts.

updated 11 Jan 2016

Ruby 0


pg_search builds ActiveRecord named scopes that take advantage of PostgreSQL's full text search

updated 09 Nov 2015

Ruby 0


CLI tool to generate Pre-Signed URL for Amazon S3

updated 14 Jul 2015


A one pager for emojis on Campfire and GitHub

updated 27 Jun 2015



A jQuery lightbox plugin which blurs the background

updated 11 Jun 2015

Ruby 0


A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup.

updated 04 Jun 2015

Ruby 0


CSV renderer for Rails 3 and 4

updated 27 Oct 2014

Ruby 0


A Better Nested Inheritable Layouts Plugin for Rails

updated 04 Oct 2014

Ruby 0


Ruby wrapper for the foursquare v2 api

updated 28 May 2014

Ruby 0


RSS Reader

updated 22 Mar 2014

Ruby 0


Very simple captcha with Rails 3 & 4 support

updated 12 Mar 2014

Ruby 0


Rack middleware to handle raw file uploads

updated 30 Jan 2014



A developer guide to the conventions I follow when creating Rails sites

updated 13 May 2013